Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daydreams.. Where did you go today?

I have this philosophy that we are not all that we portray to the exterior world. Our true passions lay hidden in our thoughts. Tucked away neatly in our minds only to be taken out when our we are left idle.

I find my thoughts wondering several times throughout an ordinary day. During work, since I’ve been working there for 11 years now and I just set myself on auto-pilot when I am at my desk. Driving in the car to work with the kids strapped in their respective car seats trying to kill each other using just their hands and various objects they find to hit one another with. Hell, I even do it during certain less interesting conversations that I pretend to be involved in. I know you have done that too, perhaps to me when I rambled on and on about my daughter's vomit.

For me daydreaming takes me anywhere where I am not, but instead where I’d rather be. For instance, I imagine I am racing across the beach like Alec on the Black. The wind blowing through my hair, just me and that beautiful black horse. I also like to do remarkable things in my daydreams, like save the day. There is the one where I am fighting in a war. Sometimes it’s a war with aliens sometimes people, but regardless, I have found the enemy’s hideout and I am all-alone. Single handedly, I am able to conquer the enemy and save the entire human race from being destroyed. Pretty impressive, I know.

You see in real life, I am very ordinary. I take care of my children, go to work, cook dinner and do all the rest of the things most people do on a day-to-day basis. But in my daydreams, I’m a nothing short of amazing. I am a professional hip hop dancer and can do that booty shaking thing like Beyonce even though my posterior is way inferior. I can climb Mt. Everest even though I have asthma.

Sometimes I just think about what it would be like to swim with killer whales at Seaworld, or I wonder what would happen if I just decided to take the parkway south instead of north and head to the beach instead of work. Would my life’s destiny come into focus and be revealed to me with the crashing of the waves or would I just wonder what the hell was I thinking skipping work like that.

Tom Petty wonders what it would like to be king. Just for a day. In his song, "It's Good to be King," he says “Excuse me if I have this place in my mind where I go time to time.” So, I am sure myself and Tom Petty are not the only adults who daydream about being someone or someplace else.

I believe that although we tend to resemble a pack of sheep simply migrating from our home, out to pasture (a.k.a. work) and back again, there is a hidden passion in everyone. Something we all keep secret. Maybe you never told anyone about it.

In our daydreams everything is great and so are we.

So, where is did your daydreams take you today? Can you share yours with me?

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  1. I spent too much time looking for good bits of things to make into rockets. Eric was more excited with the cap to my carpet cleaner than he was with the Wii we bought last year.